Nixon Enemies List entry for
S. Harrison Dogole:

List and position:First/Top 20, #18
Name as originally listed:S. Harrison Dogole
Vitals:1/16/1922 - 12/13/1999
Comment on original list:2011 Walnut Street, Philadelphia, Pa.

- President of Globe Security Systems, a private detective agency.

- Comment on Top 20 list noted, "...Heavy Humphrey contributor. Could program his agency against us."

- NY Times described him as Humphrey's "chief fund raiser" (Dec. 12, 1971).

- told the Washington Post that he was the major fund raiser for Humphrey during the primaries (June 28, 1973 article).

- also told the Post that he had had routine examinations by the IRS every year or two but nothing extraordinary had been done or found recently. (This is consistent with the later findings in the Congressional hearings that the rate of audits was not unusual for the many wealthy people on the Enemies List, especially since they tended to be investors or entertainers with widely-varying annual incomes.)

- also told the Post that his firm does not get involved with "any political type investigation."

- His nickname was "Sonny," so searches for "Sonny Dogole" are the the most elucidating.

- Apparently did not support McGovern financially in 1972 because he was still such a strong Humphrey supporter (no good citation here).

- Worked with fellow Top 20 enemy Arnold Picker to raise money for dissident Democrats, supporting Muskie in 1972, Henry M. Jackson in 1976, and a dump-Carter group in 1980.

- Palm Beach Post carried his obituary, noting that he was a major fund-raiser for Jewish philanthropies and Democratic politicians.

- Philadelphia Inquirer also ran an obituary (Dec. 15, 1999), but it's not available free online.

- Of the $900,000 in Humphrey's leftover 1972 campaign debt, he settled his share of $83,000 for $3400, 4 cents on the dollar. (Chicago Tribune, Dec. 30, 1975)

- His first name is a bit of mystery. Even the online Social Security Death Index has his first name as "Sharrison" (checked 2011).


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S. Harrison Dogole
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S. Harrison "Sonny" Dogole (16 January 1922 – 13 December 1999) was president of Globe Security Systems in Philadelphia. Globe was a major private detective agency in the United States.

Because Dogole was a heavy contributor to the Hubert Humphrey campaign, and because of fears that he would use his company to investigate Richard M. Nixon, he was placed on Nixon's Enemies List.

Dogole retired in 1989 and died in Wellington, Florida.[1]
[edit] References

1. ^ Cusick, Frederick. (December 15, 1999). S. Harrison Dogole, Executive, Fundraiser. The Philadelphia Inquirer

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Comment:Saul Harrison Dogole is S. Harrison Dogole’s full, formal name.

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