Nixon Enemies List entry for
Arnold M. Picker:

List and position:First/Top 20, #1 with Charles Colson's blue checkmark
Name as originally listed:Arnold M. Picker
Vitals:9/29/1913 - 10/11/1989
Comment on original list:United Artists Corporation, 929 Seventh Avenue, New York, N.Y.
Lists with duplicates of this person:1

- finance chair of Muskie's 1972 presidential campaign.

- President Johnson named him to the International Commission on Education and Cultural Affairs.

- was head of international distribution at Columbia Pictures, executive V.P. at United Artists, and later helped found the American Film Institute.

- listed both in the "Top 20" and under "Business additions".

- Washington Post reported that he knew of no audits or other actions against him. The June 28, 1973 article quoted him, "I don't want to make any comments."

- His NY Times obituary reported, "his name was No. 1 on an 'enemies list' compiled by White House aides to President Richard M. Nixon."

- Worked with fellow Top 20 enemy Sonny Dogole to raise money for dissident Democrats, supporting Muskie in 1972, Henry M. Jackson in 1976, and a dump-Carter group in 1980.


Name/Date:JudithMay 13, 2015 10:05pm
Comment:Is he 1st in hatred or 1st because he was the first to be written down

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