Nixon Enemies List entry for
Paul Newman:

List and position:First/Top 20, #19
Name as originally listed:Paul Newman
Vitals:1/26/1925 - 9/26/2008
Comment on original list:California
Lists with duplicates of this person:1,2

- 50 year career as actor and director

- Political activism started in 1968 as a Eugene McCarthy delegate to the 1968 Democratic Convention in Chicago.

- Comment by his name: "Radic-Lib causes. Heavy Mc Carthy involvment '68. Used effectively in nationwide T.V. commercials. '72 involvment certain."

- "Radic-Lib" meant "Radical-Liberal." The NY Times misprinted it as "Radio-Lib." The misspelling of "involvement" is from the original White House document.

- Listed 3 times: On the Top-20 list, under "Celebrities" (as simply "actor"), and on the Second List as "Paul & Joanne Newman."

- married 50 years to actress Joanne Woodward who was listed as "Joanne Newman" on the Second List. Some newspapers noted her inclusion in December 1973, but it is not widely remembered that she was listed, too.

- His unlikely "Newman's Own" food career didn't start until 1982. The corporation was part of his philanthropy and helped to start his "Hole in the Wall Gang Camps" for children with serious illnesses.

- When the news broke, the Washington Post quoted him, "I am sending Gordon Liddy to pick up my award and I would like to thank John Mitchell, Jeb Stuart Magruder, John Dean and Maurice Stans for making this award possible."

- The NY Times obituary stated, "He expressed pride at being on President Richard M. Nixon's enemies list."

- He also said about the award, "None delighted me or elevated me in the eyes of my children more than my placement as number nineteen" on the Enemies List (from Paul Newman: A Biography by Marian E. Borden).

- served 3 years as radioman in the Navy Air Corps during WW II. He flunked the physical to be a pilot because of colorblindness.

- His Dec. 6, 1982 cover story in Time Magazine said, "His interest in weapons control is longstanding; in 1978 President Carter appointed him as a delegate to a U.N. special session on disarmament. He recalls feeling futile. But being No. 19, he says, on Nixon's enemies list made him feel fine."

- He is widely quoted as saying, "My highest single honor is that I was No. 19 on Nixon's enemies list. All the other actors were so jealous." The quote comes from an October 7, 2002 interview in Time Magazine, but it is often wrongly attributed to a 1982 article.


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