Nixon Enemies List entry for
Mary McGrory:

List and position:First/Top 20, #20
Name as originally listed:Mary McGrory
Vitals:8/22/1918 - 4/20/2004
Comment on original list:2710 Macomb St., Washington columnist
Lists with duplicates of this person:1

- columnist for the Washington Star (1947-81) and then the Washington Post after the Star folded

- made her name covering the 1954 McCarthy hearings

- As a Boston-born Irish Catholic close in age to John F. Kennedy, she wrote memorable eulogies after JFK's assassination.

- In her early days, she was often the only woman covering the presidential campaign trail.

- listed twice: in the Top 20 and under Media

- Comment by her name: “Daily hate Nixon articles” (although she wrote only 3 columns a week at the Star)

- awarded Pulitzer Prize for commentary in 1975 for her columns on Watergate. She was the first woman to get the commentary prize.

- vehemently against the Vietnam War, unsurprisingly

- Washington Post obituary noted, “Her résumé included the Pulitzer Prize and membership on the Nixon administration's notorious 'enemies list.'”

- received a standing ovation at the Washington restaurant Sans Souci when Art Buchwald (who wasn't on the list) took her there after the story broke. (from Post obituary)

- NY Times obituary noted, “She later made the Nixon administration's famous enemies list.”

- The Washington Post reported, ”Washington Star-News columnist Mary McGrory said her income tax returns have been audited by the IRS for the last two years. 'I also seem to get a lot of parking tickets, but I don't want to appear paranoid,' she said. Miss McGrory said 'I suppose my anti-war columns' led to inclusion of her name in the priority list.”

- second cousin of Boston Globe columnist Brian McGrory, who said that she did not love “pomposity or self-involvement or bullies or Richard Nixon.” (quoted by Maureen Dowd in 2004)

- colleague Philip Gailey wrote, “She won a Pulitzer Prize, but her proudest achievement was making Richard Nixon's 'enemies list'” (May 2, 2004). Gailey also edited “The Best of Mary McGrory: A Half-Century of Washington Commentary.”


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