Nixon Enemies List entry for
Father Robert F. Drinan:

List and position:First, #14
Name as originally listed:Father Robert F. Drinan
Vitals:11/15/1920 - 1/28/2007
Category given:Members of the House

- Congressman from Massachusetts, law professor, human rights activist, and Jesuit priest.

- ran after visiting Vietnam and finding the war morally objectionable.

- Elected in 1970 and served for 10 years until the papal prohibition of priests holding public office.

- first congressman to call for Nixon's impeachment in 1973. (for the secret war in Cambodia).

- NY Times obituary did not mention the Enemies List.

- Politico magazine implies that his 1973 impeachment resolution got him on the List, but he was likely included soon after the List started in 1971.

- The S.J. after his name means Society of Jesus, the official name of the religious order of Jesuits.

- In 2006, Georgetown Law School established the Robert F. Drinan, S.J., Chair in Human Rights, designed to bring in distinguished human rights practitioners.

- Friends called him Bob, just for the record.

- A FOIA request by the Boston Globe in 2009 showed that the FBI had been investigating him since 1960 for his civil rights activities. It wasn't his inclusion on the Enemies List that provoked the FBI.

- He was not the first priest to serve in Congress, but he was the first Roman Catholic priest. For four years, he was the only Roman Catholic priest to have served in Congress, until Robert Cornell came along.


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