Nixon Enemies List entry for
John Brademas:

List and position:First, #13
Name as originally listed:John Brademas
Vitals:3/2/1927 -
Category given:Members of the House

- Congressman from Indiana for 22 years, 1959-1981, rising to Democratic Whip

- defeated in 1980 Republican surge while his conservative district had high unemployment

- proud to be be the first native-born American of Greek origin elected to Congress. There is nothing to indicate that his is proud about being on the List.

- Rhodes Scholar after graduating from Harvard magna cum laude, earning his Ph.D. at Oxford

- In 1981, the NY Times reported, "During the war in Vietnam Mr. Brademas supported numerous antiwar resolutions and voted against appropriations for the antiballistic missile and the B-1 bomber."

- He wasn't particularly outspoken about the Vietnam War, so it's not clear why he was one of the six white congressmen on the list (all 12 "black congressmen" were on the list). Nixon's staff was well aware of his resentment of Ivy League colleges, so maybe Brademas's elite credentials was also an offense.

- He was most visible in his role on the Committee of Education and Labor where he shepherded legislation notably for early education, but also everything pre-Kindergarten to university.

- never married and has no children of his own, according to public information

- Namesake of the John Brademas Center for the Study of Congress at New York University (NYU).

- president of NYU 1981 to 1992, recognized for building its national and international reputation

- NYU was, at the time anyway, the USA's largest private university.


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