Nixon Enemies List entry for
Edward M. (Ted) Kennedy:

List and position:First, #5
Name as originally listed:Edward M. Kennedy
Vitals:2/22/1932 - 8/25/2009
Category given:Senators

- Senator from Massachusetts 1962-2009;

- youngest of four famous Kennedy brothers and only one to live beyond 1968;

- third-longest-serving senator in history when he died;

- unsuccessful presidential primary campaign against the incumbent Jimmy Carter in 1980;

- In his 2009 memoir, "True Compass: A Memoir," he wrote "My opposition to the administration's policies was not personal, but Nixon took things quite personally indeed. I quickly drew his distaste, as well as his need for control and vengeance. By 1971, although I didn't know it at the time, I was a member of his infamous "enemies list." Since the tally of these "enemies" eventually reached forty-seven thousand, I was never really able to savor a sens of prestige at being included, even after I found out about it." (The tally of 47,000 is a bizarre statistic, found nowhere else.)

- awarded Presidential Medal of Freedom 13 days before his death.


Name/Date:Tom ClarkJun 14, 2018 10:05pm
Comment:I worked on one of Senator kennedy's campaigns. It was presented he was one of the bigger targets for the Watergate break-in, by members of his inner circle. He was a true statesman and a patriot.

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