Nixon Enemies List entry for
Harold E. Hughes:

List and position:First, #4
Name as originally listed:Harold Hughes
Vitals:2/10/1922 - 10/23/1996
Category given:Senators

- Democratic senator from Iowa 1969-1975;

- briefly sought the Democratic presidential nomination in 1971;

- manager of Muskie's 1972 presidential campaign after he withdrew from the race;

- The Washington Post obituary mentioned his antiwar position, but the NY Times made no mention.

- governor of Iowa 1963-68;

- infantry rifleman in WW II;

- post-political life after 1975 was dedicated to alcoholism treatment and religious groups;

-His 1979 autobiography is "The Man from Ida Grove: A Senator's Personal Story."

- not to be confused with Harold E. Hughes, Jr., the CEO of Rambus 2005-2012, who is not related to the Senator;

- and, for goodness' sake, not to be confused with Howard Hughes.


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