Nixon Enemies List entry for
Gerald McKee:

List and position:First, #147
Name as originally listed:Gerald McKee, President, McKee, Berger, Mansueto.
Vitals:6/11/1929 - 1/13/2013
Comment on original list:President, McKee, Berger, Mansueto
Category given:Businessmen

- lifelong career in construction including projects on all 6 inhabited continents;

- In the middle of his Harrisburg (PA) Patriot-News obituary is the paragraph, "A politically active individual, Gerald found himself on Nixon's Enemy List for his opposition to the Vietnam War-considered by most to be a badge of honor."

- That hometown obituary did not mention the construction consulting firm of McKee-Berger-Mansueto. That firm was involved in the UMass Boston construction scandal of the early 1970's that landed two state senators in prison. Former Massachusetts Governor-turned-lobbyist Endicott Peabody had encouraged McKee to make political contributions without telling him that they were illegal. Gov. Peabody was such a marblehead.

- The paid death notice in the NY Times was brief, but mentioned that he was "a proud member of Nixon's Enemies List".

- started painting in earnest at age 70. Some of his work is displayed in the McKee Library at Char's-Tracy Mansion restaurant in Harrisburg.

- went by "Jerry," but not to be confused with Gerald "Jerry" McKee (1930-1996), the medical journalist and anthropology enthusiast from Idaho;

- not to be confused with Gerald McKee (b. 1946), the professional basketball player;

- not to be confused with Gerald McKee, the N.Y. Metropolitan Opera tenor in the 1960's;

- no apparent relation to Milford Gerald McKee (1942-1967), etched on the Vietnam War Memorial.


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