Nixon Enemies List entry for
Ron Dellums:

List and position:First/Top 20, #16
Name as originally listed:Ron Dellums
Vitals:11/24/1935 - 7/30/2018
Comment on original list:Congressman, California
Lists with duplicates of this person:1

- Congressman from Oakland, California, 1971-1998.

- listed both on the Top 20 and under "Black Congressmen."

- self-described socialist.

- later became mayor of Oakland.

- joined Marine Corps, 1954-1956.

- Masters degree in social work, UC Berkeley, 1962.

- elected to Berkeley City Council 1967.

- elected to U.S. House 1970.

- In his victory speech he said, "One person I forgot to thank, my public relations agent, Spiro T. Agnew." (The vice president had campaigned against him, calling him "an out-and-out radical." The publicity was helpful.)

- He was one of the first African Americans to represent a majority–white congressional district.

- Famously set up a poster exhibit of Vietnam War Atrocities next to his Congressional Office during his first month in office.

- The comment on the Top 20 list says, "Had extensive EMK-Tunney support in his election bid. Success might help in California next year." Edward Kennedy was not a likely candidate for 1972 because of Chappaquiddick in 1969, but he was still the influential Majority Whip. Senator John Tunney from California was also anti-Vietnam War and young and handsome (and Kennedy's roommate at law school). "Success" here means success at defaming Dellums in order to hurt the Democratic vote in California in 1972.

- The NY Times misspelled his name in the published list under "Black Congressmen" as "Ronald Dollums," but had it correct in the Top 20 "Original List."

- His obituaries in the NY Times and Washington Post did not mention the Enemies List even though he was listed on the high-prestige "Original List" of 20.

- His 2000 autobiography, co-written with H. Lee Halterman, is "Lying Down With the Lions: A Public Life from the Streets of Oakland to the Halls of Power".


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