Nixon Enemies List entry for
Schultze, Charles L.:

List and position:Second, #45
Name as originally listed:Schultze, Charles L.
Vitals:12/12/1924 - 9/27/2016

- Brookings Scholar for 45 years at left-leaning Brookings Institution.

- economic advisor to Kennedy, Johnson and Carter.

- on the Council of Economic Advisers under Eisenhower.

- earned a reputation as an expert on causes of inflation.

- briefly worked for the Democratic National Committee while a graduate student, but that wasn't enough to get listed.

- on the Second List under "McGovern Staff and Campaign Contributors." On page 1709 of Book 4 of the Watergate testimony, he is identified as the McGovern Campaign's Vice Chairman - Policy Panel for National Security; Former Director, Bureau of the Budget. On page 1711 his role is further specified as "Domestic Aspects of Military Spending."

- His position in the McGovern campaign is clearly the reason he was listed.

- served 3 years in the Infantry during and after WW II, interrupting his time at Georgetown University.

- awarded Purple Heart and Bronze Star.

- got hired by President Kennedy after his writings explained why the deficit fell after Kennedy's tax cuts. (In 1982 he ridiculed Reagan's "supply side" credulity as a misreading of his writings.)

- was not vocally against the Vietnam War. In fact, some thought he helped Robert McNamara, obscure the rising costs of the war in Vietnam in the 1967 federal budget.

- wrote a bunch of papers and books about economic policy--none on the New York Times Best Sellers List.

- His place on the Enemies List was not mentioned in the NY Times or Brookings Institution obituaries, but his 2007 comical appearance on Da Ali G Show was noted in both.

- Nickname was Charlie, for the record.

- Not to be confused with Charles H. Schulze, Washington D.C. personal injury lawyer who died of a heart attack in 2009 at 73 after rescuing two boys in a rip current in Florida.

- And, good grief, not to be confused with Charles Schulz, Peanuts Cartoonist who died in 2000.


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