Nixon Enemies List entry for
Pete Hamill:

List and position:First, #77
Name as originally listed:Pete Hamill, New York Post
Vitals:6/24/1935 - 8/5/2020
Comment on original list:New York Post
Category given:Media

- New York newspaper journalist, columnist, and editor.

- Had stints in Europe, Asia, and Central America, but always came back to New York.

- No big eastern newspapers mentioned the List in his obituary (LA Times had a mention). Politico.com mentioned it, noting that he had blamed Nixon for the 1970 Kent State killings after Nixon called student protestors "bums."

- The Kent State comment is likely the reason his name got tossed into the "Political Opponents" file folder by someone in the administration.

-In the 2018 film, Breslin and Hamill: Deadline Artists, he mentions the honor of being on the list.


What was it like to be on Nixon's enemies list?


Oh, it was an honor. There were a lot of good people on that list.

- Dated fellow enemy, Shirley MacLaine.

- Not to be confused with his father, William Peter Hamill, Sr., or English singer-songwriter, Peter Hammill, b. Nov. 5, 1948.


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