Nixon Enemies List entry for
Lyn Wyman:

List and position:Second, #571
Name as originally listed:Lyn Wyman
1972 location:Menlo Park, CA


Name/Date:Lyn WymanJul 24, 2010 3:26pm
Comment:A friend of mine was exploring this website in the wake of Dan Schorr's death and emailed me the link. This does take me back! I'm sure I was listed because I was a McGovern supporter, though it seemed pretty strange at the time - being 23-years old and just out of college, I hardly considered myself enough of a threat to be included. I'm with Mr. Schorr though. I am extremely proud of being on the list. I think history vindicated all of us who supported McGovern and opposed the Vietnam war, whether we were on the list or not. I also feel proud of being an active participant in this great democracy, as hard as it is sometimes to appreciate "The System" and especially some of the choices made by "the people."

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