Nixon Enemies List entry for
L. M. Sperry:

List and position:Second, #492
Name as originally listed:L. M. Sperry
1972 location:Belvedere, CA


Name/Date:Patricia LoegeringApr 20, 2012 12:37am
Comment:I worked for Leonard M. Sperry for one year in 1973 prior to joining the Air Force at 19. I lived with the family and was au pair for their two teenage children, Jon and Jennifer. The Sperry's were quite political at the time, but also highly involved in the arts and archeology and through them I met the likes of Dr Mary Leakey, Diane Fossey, and Jane Goodall. They were personal friends to the Kennedy's and had held a fund-raiser at their home for Bobby Kennedy during his presidential campaign. Leonard Sperry was an assitant district attorny for the State of Califonia at the time and was the most ethical man I had ever met. But the family had/has significant money and influence and was staunchly democrat which he explained to me put him on the 2nd enimies list.

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