Nixon Enemies List entry for
William H. Scheide:

List and position:Second, #463
Name as originally listed:William H. Scheide
Vitals:1/6/1914 -
1972 location:Princeton, NJ

- known as a philanthropist, bibliophile, and musician with a commitment to social causes

- founder in 1946 of the Bach Aria Group, a group that rekindled interest in Bach's cantatas

- founder of the Scheide Library, a world-famous rare book collection housed at Princeton University and started by his grandfather, William T. Scheide (1847-1907)

- still an active musician in 2013

- recorded an essay for "This I Believe" in the 1950s

- Articles about him do not seem to mention his place on the Enemies List.


Name/Date:AlexMar 11, 2013 5:42pm
Comment:This is William H. Scheide's grandson....please correct his middle initial unless you are looking for someone else. Thanks
Webkeeper reply:
Thanks for the correction. It was my transcription error.

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