Nixon Enemies List entry for
Janet F. Page:

List and position:Second, #399
Name as originally listed:Janet F. Page
Vitals:9/28/18 - 5/6/82
1972 location:Santa Fe, NM


Name/Date:William D. PageDec 27, 2011 8:37pm
Comment:Janet Ferguson Page was born in Colby, Kansas September 28, 1918. She died at her home in Santa Fe, New Mexico on May 6, 1982. She would definitely have been a contributor to McGovern's presidential campaign. I went to a McGovern rally with her in Santa Fe. She also let us know that she was a contributor to the Berrigan's in connection with the Pentagon Papers. She was a "Lifetime Member" of the ACLU according to a certificate I have in my files. Any of these could have been the direct cause of her inclusion on the "Enemies List."

Our mother might be described as a post-Victorian, pre-liberation, peacenik, and many other attributes. Open-minded, atypical Republican banker's daughter, 1940 graduate of Northwestern University, nurturing early feminist, etc. In the early 1950's she earned a bit of a living typing graduate dissertations for PhD psych students at the University of Denver and was supportive to alternative lifestyle couples.

My siblings and I have always taken pride in our mother's inclusion on the list. We maintain her "liberal" political outlook to say the least. Any of us would be open to requests for more information about her.

Bill Page. Innojo@ojocaliente.com
Name/Date:Meg Page BentleyDec 28, 2011 11:20am
Comment:Going beyond "lifetime member" of the ACLU, she was on the National Board of the ACLU for several years in the late '70s. She was also a very active member of the Santa Fe League of Women Voters registering voters regularly and editing their first cookbook, In League with Good Cooks.

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