Nixon Enemies List entry for
C. M. Newman:

List and position:Second, #387
Name as originally listed:C. M. Newman
1972 location:Omaha, NE


Name/Date:Murray NewmanSep 5, 2010 9:45am
Comment:CM "Nick" Newman was a major supporter of George McGovern from NE during the 1968 Presidential campaign. Murray Newman was also a a contributor from NE and should be on the list as well.
Name/Date:Peter B. NewmanSep 6, 2010 5:07pm
Comment:1) My father (Calvin Mark "Nick" Newman) was George McGovern's midwestern campaign chairman.
2) My father was, I believe, the only person to be named on the list TWICE - as apparently those making the list didn't know that Nick Newman was the same person as C.M. Newman.
3) Unhappily, my father died a few months before Nixon was forced to resign from the presidency in disgrace.
4) My uncle, Murray Newman, was a major contributor to McGovern's campaign - but he was only marginally involved in the actual campaign. However, Nixon wanted to have two identified "enemies" in every state, so my uncle got enlisted to join my father on the list.

The question I'd like to see asked about the Enemies List is: What was the reaction of the individual families to seeing their relatives on the list?

We were astonished that Nixon would bother to identify my father and uncle, as they were not really part of the national political scene. Nixon was a paranoiac though, and needed to have someone to hate in every state. It's a sorry tale - my father was a community leader, a philanthropist, and an all-around decent guy. And no one's enemy. But one of our presidents saw enemies everywhere, whether real or not.

Peter B. Newman
Name/Date:Peter B. NewmanSep 6, 2010 5:21pm
Comment:ADDITIONAL iNFORMATION from Peter B. Newman:

DOBirth: January 29, 1926
DODeath: May 13, 1973

President, Hinky Dinky Food Stores

BA Stanford University
MBA University of Chicago
Name/Date:Peter B. NewmanMar 3, 2013 5:38pm
Comment:ADDITIONAL COMMENT RE IRS re this web site's introductory page quote:
"In June 1974, Congress found no evidence that the IRS had been used to harass people on these lists. Nixon may have harassed people using the FBI and IRS, but not as a result of inclusion on these lists."

Our family business [Hinky-Dinky Food Stores] was inexplicably sued for treble damages by the IRS during this time period for a completely above-board business sale to JC Penney. The trial was mid-course when it was revealed that my father and uncle were on the Enemies List.

The trial was immediately resolved in favor of my family's business -- with all charges dropped (except for one minor accounting error).

I cannot speak to whether Nixon's list was the reason for the IRS' law suit -- but it is difficult to imagine any other reason.

Peter B. Newman

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