Nixon Enemies List entry for
Alvin Levin:

List and position:Second, #331
Name as originally listed:Alvin Levin
1972 location:Lincoln, MA


Name/Date:jen levinApr 30, 2012 10:19am
Comment:I was so happy to run across this site and as always am proud of my father's diligent work. I also thought you might like to see this dissertation that a friend linked for me some time back. It explores the political activists who changed the face of politics in Massachusetts (including my father).



Alvin died on 1-19-87. He was an attorney and activist who believed strongly in change through grass roots movements. One of his favorite quotes was from Solon:

"We can have justice whenever those who have not been injured
by injustice are as outraged by it as those who have been."

Thank you for your hard work on this site, Jen Levin

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