Nixon Enemies List entry for
Kenneth L. Greif:

List and position:Second, #237
Name as originally listed:Kenneth L. Greif
1972 location:Baltimore, MD


Name/Date:David SuismanJan 29, 2013 9:54pm
Comment:Greif told me in an interview that his appearance on the list probably came from his support for the Coalition Against the SST, the organization that got Congress in 1971 to cut off funding for the Supersonic Transport (SST), which Nixon strongly favored. An English teacher at a private school in Baltimore, Greif himself was not active in the Coalition, but he provided the seed money for the group in the spring of 1970 ($15,000) and gave it a second infusion later in the year. He was also a strong backer of George McGovern. On the history of the Coalition, including Greif's involvement in it, see Mel Horwitch, Clipped Wings: The American SST Conflict (Cambridge, Mass.: MIT Press, 1982). As of January 2013, he is still alive. Education: Brown (BA); Johns Hopkins (MA in English lit); U of Virginia (J.D.)

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