Nixon Enemies List entry for
Jules L. Furth:

List and position:Second, #213
Name as originally listed:Jules L. Furth
Vitals:8/11/1930 - 2/1/2003
1972 location:Chicago, IL


Name/Date:Catherine SagerSep 5, 2011 11:03am
Comment:I am searching for the Funeral Director from Oak Forest Ill.
My baby sister died at 6 days and I have just found her death certificate. She was buried at Furth + co Funeral home. Certificate signed by Jules L Furth. Never expected to find him on an Enemies list!
Name/Date:david furthNov 22, 2011 9:35am
Comment:my father was on the list because nixon wrongly thought he was a liberal jew but he was in reality only part jewish but very high profile in the jewish community. I hope this helps.

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