Nixon Enemies List entry for
John B. Fisher:

List and position:Second, #205
Name as originally listed:John Fisher
Vitals:9/27/1940 - 9/1/2009
1972 location:Buffalo, NY


Name/Date:Will FisherSep 2, 2009 9:17pm
Comment:John B. Fisher, businessman, BA: Yale MBA: Harvard; 9/27/1940-9/1/2009. A toy designer at the time. Just found out that he made the list. It was never something he talked about much. Colson added him to the list because my mother (his wife) had done fundraising and served as a delegate for McGovern. John went on to success as a fundraiser for a number of non-profit organizations in Buffalo including the United Way, Buffalo Philharmonic, Compass House, etc. He was a very kind and compassionate man who didn't have any enemies (except, Nixon, as it turns out).

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