Nixon Enemies List entry for
Edwin Child:

List and position:Second, #136
Name as originally listed:Edwin Child
1972 location:Boston, MA


Name/Date:Edwin ChildMar 1, 2013 10:09am
Comment:This inclusion has always, of course, been an amusing "badge of honor," my "15 minutes of fame." People I scarcely knew would come up to me in the street to congratulate me. Someone who worked in a radio station gave me the ticker-tape New England part of the list that had come in to the station. It was framed and still resides in the downstairs bathroom of my home. I knew some of the other Boston and Cambridge members of the list. There was a large "enemy list" party in Cambridge. I do not remember who had organized it but remember meeting Father Drinan there. My Cambridge aunt who was active in politics was jealous that SHE had not made the list. Several of her other friends had. I think that the reason my name was flagged at the time was due to a $500 contribution to Drinan's campaign for congress, a $500 dollar contribution to Tomas Boylston Adams' senate campaign, $1000 to the McCarthy presidential campaign, and another $1000 to McGovern. I remember meeting McCarthy in Dianna Starr's Beacon Hill apartment with eight or ten other people. How times have changed! One other factor that might have added to my inclusion on the list: As a freshman in college, I had, as a lark, subscribed to the newsletter of the Socialist Labor Party. I think it was called "The Weekly People." This subscription may have earned me an FBI file. I have never followed up to see if this was the case. It did not seem important one way or another, though might have been amusing....

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