Nixon Enemies List entry for
Irving Barr:

List and position:Second, #78
Name as originally listed:Irving Barr
1972 location:New York, NY


Name/Date:richard barrFeb 14, 2013 5:57pm
Comment:Irving (1916 to 2008) was very proud of being on the list. I recall him telling me that it was because he was one of the funders of the Scanlan's magazine start-up (which the Nixon folks hated, as I understand it) but my sister recalls that it was because of his contributions to the McGovern campaign.
In any case, he was also very proud of having been one of those surrounding the stage in Peekskill N.Y. in 1949 helping to prevent the famous Paul Robeson concert from being broken up by the racists and right-wingers who were trying to interrupt it.

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