Nixon Enemies List entry for
Isadore Adelman:

List and position:Second, #62
Name as originally listed:Isadore Adelman
1972 location:Beverly Hills, CA


Name/Date:Susan AdelmanAug 16, 2010 11:00pm
Comment:We believe he was on the list because of his financial support Democratic candidates. He and my mother, Lucy Adelman, had their federal tax returns audited during the Nixon presidency. He was born May 23, 1899 and died December 24, 1992. Adelman was the owner of a small chain of theaters in Texas and Oklahoma. After the Supreme Court ruled that the movie studios' owning their own theaters was a restraint of trade, he filed a lawsuit, "Adelman vs. Interstate Circuit," alleging that the studios were colluding with the major theater chains to restrict the ability of independent theater owners to show first-run films. During a portion of the proceedings his attorney was Abe Fortas.

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