Nixon Enemies List entry for
Edwin Otto Guthman:

List and position:First/Top 20, #3 with Charles Colson's blue checkmark
Name as originally listed:Ed Guthman
Vitals:8/11/1919 - 8/31/2008
Comment on original list:managing editor, L.A. Times
Lists with duplicates of this person:1

- National editor for the Los Angeles Times, 1965-1977.

- Listed both in the Top 20 and under "Media."

- Press secretary for Robert F. Kennedy, 1961-1965.

- Awarded Pulitzer Prize in 1950 while at the Seattle Times.

- Decorated WW II combat veteran.

- Profiled by Tom Brokaw in "The Greatest Generation."

- His Seattle Times obituary notes that his "association with the Kennedys also helped land him on President Nixon's infamous 'enemies list.'"

- His LA Times obituary's first sentence says that his "aggressive pursuit of Watergate stories during the 1970s earned him the enmity of President Nixon and the No. 3 spot on Nixon's infamous enemies list."

- His NY Times obituary noted that he was "named by the Nixon White House on a so-called enemies list, where he was described as 'a highly sophisticated hatchet man against us in ’68.'"


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