Nixon Enemies List entry for
J. William Fulbright:

List and position:First, #2
Name as originally listed:J. W. Fulbright
Vitals:4/9/1905 - 2/9/1995
Category given:Senators

- Democratic senator from Arkansas, 1945-1974;

- lifelong Arkansan, although born in Missouri;

- Rhodes Scholar in 1928.

- considered his creation of Fulbright scholarships for international study exchanges among his finest achievements (in AP obituary);

- But, he also said in 1989 "that he was proudest of his role as legislative father of the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts." (reported in NY Times obituary)

- There are no widely-published quotes of his feelings about the Enemies List and no mention of it in his obituaries.

- only senator in 1954 to vote against funding the Joseph McCarthy hunt for communists in government and later spearheaded the McCarthy censure motion;

- opposed civil rights legislation his entire Senate career;

- supported the United Nations his entire Senate career;

- voted for the 1964 Gulf of Tonkin resolution. After realizing that LBJ had deceived Congress (that bombing would end the war), he presided over televised hearings of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee on the the Vietnam War starting in 1966, giving "the stamp of legitimacy to antiwar sentiments."

- The hearings continued into the Nixon administration with the most salient hearings in April-May 1971 when the Enemies project was very active.

- as with several early antiwar activists, the 1964 Gulf of Tonkin incident was the wake-up call;

- wrote "The Arrogance of Power" in 1966;

- a young Bill Clinton worked on Fulbright's staff 1966-67 in the thick of Fulbright's antiwar activism and during Clinton's efforts to avoid the draft;

- Later, as president, Clinton gave Fulbright the Presidential Medal of Freedom.


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