Nixon Enemies List entry for
Julian Roth:

List and position:First, #152
Name as originally listed:Julian Roth, Senior Partner, Emery Roth & Sons.
Vitals:9/2/1902 - 12/9/1992
Comment on original list:Senior Partner, Emery Roth & Sons
Category given:Businessmen

- was partner in Emery Roth & Sons, an architectural firm that helped design the World Trade Center towers and other Manhattan skyscrapers. He was not a licensed architect, though.

- The firm was founded by his father, Emery, a Hungarian immigrant. Julian was one son and Richard was the other.

- A lifelong New Yorker, he was born on the island, attended Columbia, and made his career there.

- During WW II, he served stateside, designing housing at military bases.

- His brief NY Times obituary did not mention the Enemies List nor did it mention any political activism. There seems to be no published information that would explain why this "businessman" would attract the attention of the Nixon White House.

- not to be confused with David Julian Roth, a Pittsburgh-based architect with no apparent connection to Julian Roth.

- also no apparent connection to the architect named David Roth who was murdered in Manhattan on June 21, 1995.

- He had no children and was survived by 3 nephews.


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