Nixon Enemies List entry for
Gregory Peck:

List and position:First, #129
Name as originally listed:Gregory Peck, actor.
Comment on original list:actor
Category given:Celebrities


Name/Date:Allan OstermannApr 4, 2020 8:36pm
Comment:I find it telling that Gregory Peck, who exudes everything of value (his public persona..Atticus Finch comes to mind). I don't know. Perhaps he was a godless Communist infultrator! I love and don't love Dick. Sometimes he cared about humanity. Remember when he made an impromptu appearance at the Lincoln Memorial at midnight, rapping with Hippie kids during demonstrations deriding him. That's the Nixon that I respect..the Quaker from Yorba Linda. How can he hate Gregory Peck. Bet he hated Jane's dad, and The Grapes of Wrath.

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