Nixon Enemies List entry for
Robert Sherrill:

List and position:First, #115
Name as originally listed:Robert Sherrill, Nation
Vitals:12/24/1924 - 8/19/2014
Comment on original list:Nation
Category given:Media

- rose to prominence as a feather ruffler in 1965 at The Nation magazine and "Nation" is the note next to his name on the List.

- His first target was President Johnson. His first book in 1967 was "The Accidental President," an unflattering portrait of Johnson.

- He was considered to be an equal-opportunity skewerer and called himself an "independent radical journalist" (from the Washington Post obituary headline). Still, his damaging books mostly targeted Democrats, including Hubert Humphrey and George Wallace.

- Nixon managed to avoid the worst of his wrathful pen. Sherrill wrote no books about Nixon.

- He was denied a White House press pass for several years by the Secret Service, ostensibly because of a fisticuffs aboard Johnson's campaign train in 1964. The ACLU successfully appealed that denial, but then Sherrill decided he didn't want the press pass anyway.

- The NY Times obituary briefly noted that "he was pleased to be on" the Enemies List. The Washington Post mentioned the List in the 4th paragraph, but said only that he was "among the dozens of journalists who appeared."

- He was born in a community that no longer exists: Frogtown, Georgia. His father taught him to hop moving freight trains--the only thing he remembered his father teaching him.

- generally credited in July 1974 with uncovering the scandal behind the 1969 Chappaquiddick fatal accident, effectively ending Ted Kennedy's chances for the presidency. The article came out a month after the Enemies List became public so 1974 was an exciting summer for Mr. Sherrill.

- not to be confused with Bob Sherril (died July 6, 2007), editor at Esquire magazine. Or Rob Sherrill, writer at Wrestling Insider News magazine.


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