Nixon Enemies List entry for
Sidney Davidoff:

List and position:First/Top 20, #12
Name as originally listed:Sidney Davidoff
Vitals:7/18/1939 -
Comment on original list:New York City, Lindsay's top personal aide

- NY Mayor John V. Lindsay's top aide for 7 years and credited with Lindsay's strong showing among youth (the explicit reason for inclusion of the Top 20 list.)

- The real target was Mayor Lindsay, who left the Republican Party in 1971 and was expected to be a strong Democratic presidential candidate in 1972. Lindsay was outspoken against the Nixon administration's policies.

- Lindsay had been a loyal Republican and even gave Spiro Agnew's nominating speech in 1968.

- Davidoff had a crossed-out blue check mark by his name, meaning that Charles Colson chose not to include him in the enemies list of "not more than ten" as originally envisioned by Dean.

- now a partner at Davidoff Malito and Hutcher, a law firm that specializes in lobbying in New York City and Albany.

- In a video interview from 2009 available at historyheard.com, he recalls the day he learned of the list.

- left government in 1972 and started a restaurant with fellow Lindsay aide Richard Aurelio called Jimmy's that attracted many politicians.

- Aurelio, quoted in Time Magazine, called the ambiance "early smoke-filled room."

- He was at the front desk of Jimmy's when the news came over the television during the lunch crowd.

- He had to calm down his mother, who called and thought he had been arrested.

- called the recognition "a badge of honor."

- held an "Enemies List" ball at his restaurant, attended by the Kennedys.

- requested his FBI file later under the Freedom of Information Act and was told he had no FBI file.

- named 2007 Chef of the Year by the Queens Centers for Progress.

- represented Mayor Lindsay's office on the scene of the April 1968 Columbia student revolt and attended the 40th anniversary observation at Columbia in 2008.


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